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Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, was an Australian administered trusteeship. It achieved independence in 1968.

C2- register started use in 1972.

Information primarily collated from reports in Air Britain News. Cross-checked with Joe Barr and posted Jan 2013

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Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
Op in Nauru before start of C2- register
VH-BIZ   7/67 Falcon 20CC 73/419 ex F-WJML (lsd to Air Nauru from 2/70-1/72) to F-WKMG cx 9/73 then 9Q-CKZ
C2-RN1   1/72 Fokker F28-1000 11041 ex (VH-FKF ntu) (op Air Nauru) to P2-ANU cx 10/77
C2-RN2   6/74 Fokker F28-1000 11056 ex PH-EXH/(VH-FKF ntu) (op Air Nauru) to P2-ANW cx 10/77
C2-RN3   6/75 Boeing 737-2L7C 21073 (op Air Nauru) to PP-SPF cx 1/95
C2-RN4   5/76 Boeing 727-77C 20370 ex VH-RMT (op Air Nauru) to N555BN cx 11/83
C2-RN5   12/77 Boeing 727-95 19252 ex N835N/N1636 (op Air Nauru) to N740EV cx 4/85
C2-RN6   9/78 Boeing 737-2L7 21616 (op Air Nauru) to PP-SPG cx 12/94
C2-RN7   5/80 Boeing 727-77C 20278 ex VH-RMS (op Air Nauru) to VH-TBS cx 3/87
C2-RN8   9/82 Boeing 737-2L9 22070 ex C-GQBQ/OY-APL/D-AOUP/OY-APL (op Air Nauru) to PP-SPH cx 12/94
C2-RN9   9/83 Boeing 737-2L9 22072 ex C-GQBA/OY-APO (op Air Nauru) to (D-AJAC ntu)>C-FACP cx 10/85
C2-RN10   6/93 Boeing 737-4L7 26960 (op Air Nauru) to VH-RON cx 6/98 (continued op for Air Nauru as VH-, see below)
C2-RN11   8/93 Boeing 737-4L7 26961 (op Air Nauru) to VH-TJW cx 6/95
Aircraft on other registers operated from Nauru (Nauru Air Lines operates services for Air Norfolk from 1/17 also one B737 lsd Real Tonga late 19))
VH-RON   6/98 Boeing 737-4L7 26960 ex C2-RN10 (continued op for Air Nauru - ceased 12/05) to ZS-OAA cx 11/06
VH-NLK   11/08 Boeing 737-33A 23635 ex N635AN/CC-CAL/SE-RCO/F-GFUA/G-OUTA/N6069D (op Air Nauru t/a Our Airline)( sublsd to Norfolkair 4/09 ceased 3/12) current
VH-PNI   3/13 Boeing 737-36N 28555 ex N325MS/B-2687/B-2610/N285MM/PK-GGY/9M-AAB Nauru Air current
VH-VLI   4/14 Boeing 737-3H6F 27125 ex F-GIXR/9M-MZA Nauru Air current
VH-ONU   8/14 Boeing 737-319 28732 ex ZK-NGD/N930WA Nauru Air current
VH-XNU   9/15 Boeing 737-319 25609 ex ZK-NGJ 9/15 Nauru Air current
VH-YNU   12/14 Boeing 737-319 25607 ex ZK-NGH 12/14 Nauru Air current

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