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The Cook Islands are a semi-independent country in free association with New Zealand. Their aircraft were registered in New Zealand until 2005.

The separate Register started officially in July 2005 - initially re-registered from New Zealand (ZK-) simply with change of prefix.

Information collated from reports in Air Britain News.

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E5-AAA to E5-ZZZ

Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
E5-EFS 1 6/05 SAAB 340A 049 op Air Rarotonga ex ZK-EFS/G-GNTA/HB-AHK/SE-E49 traded in for E5-SMW ferried to USA 7/18 cx
E5-EFS 2 8/19 SAAB 340B 365 op Air Rarotonga ex JA8642/SE-C65 current
E5-EHQ 1 6/05 PA-39 39-35 ex ZK-EHQ/N8878Y n.t.u. op in Cook Islands but remained ZK-registered. Retd to NZ wfu cx 8/16 (fuselage noted on trailer at Taupo 3/17)
E5-FTS 1 6/05 Emb110P1 110-239 op Air Rarotonga ex ZK-FTS/N107CA/N525MW/N123MS/PT-SAF (w.f.u. reg painted out & being cannibalised 10/16) current
E5-JDO 1 8/05 Airborne Windsports Edge 582 582-807 ex ZK-JDO to ZK-JDO cx 3/07
E5-JRJ 1 8/05 Fly Products Fly 115 paramotor PM 1 ex ZK-JRJ current
E5-LUS 1 6/05 Airborne Windsports Redback 503 503-843 ex ZK-LUS to ZK-LUS cx 8/07
E5-NTP 1 6/05 C172L 17259994 op Air Rarotonga ex ZK-NTP/(ZK-TAJ)/N3894Q (conv CD155 diesel engine 2017) current
E5-SMW 1 7/18 SAAB 340B 368 op Air Rarotonga ex N368CL/JA8649/SE-C68 current
E5-TAI 1 6/05 Emb110P1 110-387 op Air Rarotonga ex ZK-TAI/(ZK-TRJ)/N134EM/N2783C/PT-SFE to PJ-VIA cx 2/08
E5-TAI 2 12/11 Emb110P1 110-447 op Air Rarotonga ex (E5-MWF ntu)/VH-MWF/N216EB/PT-SHE current
E5-TAK 1 6/05 Emb110P1 110-448 op Air Rarotonga ex ZK-TAK/VH-KHA/VH-LHW/N219EB/PT-SHF current
E5-TAL 1 3/12 Emb110P1 110-245 op Air Rarotonga (del by ship 2/12 announced as for major rebuild) ex VH-UQA/VH-XFL/VH-MWX/PT-SAL (noted just marked Q from its p/i in 5/16) being cannibalised 10/16) reg n.t.u. and not applied.
E5-TCM 1 12/16 Cessna 550 Citation 550-0057 (res 5/16) op Air Rarotonga ex VH-FOJ/VH-WNZ/(N2661N) current

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