Jodel D11 family
Part eight - Plans supplied by Falconar & Rogers, also miscellaneous Jodel-derived designs

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Con No Model Reg Date Registration Secondary c/n Notes

FALCONAR, Edmonton, Canada

(known c/n's only)
D11 = Basic Jodel design
F11 = D11 with modified wing, shorter centre section & longer outer panels
F12 = enlarged three-seat variant
F4068 F11 ?/69 N8951 (3/08) C-FSIC   (const JE Sherin) (F11 with D9-block c/n) current
F5002 D11 ?/68 CF-XGB   (const P.Pepin) current
F5005 D11 ?/71 CF-QRD   (const F.Ryan) cx 11/84 rest ?/?? cx 9/16
F5015 D11 ?/71 CF-MBW   (const Sager & Borschneck) current
F5021 D11   CF-RCL   cx pre 82
F5022 F11 ?/65 CF-OVJ   (const W.Broen ff 8/65) current
F5027 D11 9/61 ZS-UAL   current
F5030 D11 ?/62 N9161R   (const Cooper, A75 engine) wfu 7/79 cx by FAA 11/12
F5053 D11 ?/68 CF-VWV   (const J.Davidson) (CofR susp 1/06) current
F5056 F12-3 ?/60 CF-RCQ   (const R Fleuty mod from F11) current
F5064 F11   CF-SED   cx pre 82
F5071 D11S 10/00 CF-JFS   (const JF Schenk) current
F5072 D11 /67 N1314   (A75 engine) current [current 11/18]
F5074 D11 1/63 N6858D   (const DG Farrell, O-290 engine) cr Edgewater, Fl 7/06 cx & rest current [current 11/18]
F5078 D11 ?/78 CF-RFJ   (const B.Gillis) current
F5080 D119 5/61 ZK-CAO   not completed cx 12/70
F5086 F11 6/89 N586SM   (const Schneider & Misevic) current
F5088 D112 ?/69 CF-YOR   (const Martin & Ruel ff 7/83) current
F5089 D11 ?/68 CF-YOY   (const J.Ivens) current
F5099 D11 ?/66 CF-RYM   (const B.Rashbrook) current
F5103 D11 ?/63 CF-OVI   (const D.Allinott) current
F5109 D11 7/71 CF-AXF   (const G.Revesz c/n change to F5100GWR 4/07) current
F5115 D11 ?/72 CF-XRR   (const P.Hodkinson) current
F5124 D11 /80 N26199   (const Schiele A-65 engine) (sold 2/94 not rereg) cx by FAA 12/11
F5128 D11 ?/76 C-GWXA   (const R.Maxwell ff 7/76) current
F5129 D11 11/71 CF-BRE   (const B.Eliason) current
F5135 D11 /69 (ZK-CZZ) (11/79) ZK-SUE   current
F5138 D119 7/66 ZK-CKG   (hybrid with Rogers plans D11-87) current
F5149 D11 ?/68 CF-VVP (2/06) N-??   (const R.Brodgesell) current
F5152 D11 ?/67 CF-RLC   (const W.Marsden) current
F5167 D11 ?/67 CF-OGQ   (const H.Hanson) current
F5176 D11 ?/68 CF-WMP   (const R.Wayne) current
F5182 D11 6/67 CF-BEN   (const B Gobeil) current
F5185 D11   CF-XQH   cx pre 82
F5189 F11 ?/69 CF-XOU (also 01) (const H.Dind) current
F5196 D11 6/80 N3408   (O-200 engine) wfu 2/14 cx 917
F5201 F11   CF-WDY   cr 3/82 cx 8/85
F5205 F11   CF-MGB   cx pre 82
F5212 D11 ?/80 C-GQWY   (const L.Walker ff 3/81) current
F5213 D11   CF-SVL   cr 8/78 cx pre 82
F5221 D11 ?/77 C-GOWG   (const W.O'Hare) dgd cx 9/89
F5222 D11   ?   (part-const in Canada c65 sold to Wayne Worachek, USA 02) incomplete
F5229 F11 7/83 C-GQST   (const F.Siddall) current
F5230 F12-3 ?/69 CF-XZA   (const A.Labelle reb from F11) (CoR susp 2/05) current
F5237 D11 ?/73 CF-KME   (const L.Ehler) cr Havelock, NB 7/10 cx 7/16
F5243 D11 ?/67 CF-VQU   (const L.Ray ff 1/67) current
F5252 D11 ?/69 CF-WKW   (const F.Goodberson) current
F5254 D11 ?/67 CF-VOF   (const R.Ward) current
F5260 F11 ?/69 N8014   (O-290 engine) wfu 9/12 cx 5/13
F5264 F11-3 ?/70 N8122   (C-85 engine) cr 8/98 Beeville, Tx cx 6/17
F5268 D11   LV-JJE   current (12/02)
F5279 F11A   N2580 (5/02) N3068M   (C-75 engine) cr Marathon, Tx 3/16 cx
F5280 F11 7/83 C-GBVK   (const L.Philippot) current
F5282 D11 9/76 N9228Z (5/09) N588DR   (const Erlich, O-235 engine) current [current 11/18]
F5295 D11 2/73 G-BAPR (also PFA 914) (cx 3/91 rest 2/94 dgd 7/05) current
F5302 D11 2/79 N5020G   (const G Lake C-85 engine) current [current 11/18]
F6003 F11-3 8/72 CF-BEI   (const D.Lawson) wfu cx 6/98
F6015 F11 ?/77 C-GVGB   (const C.Rousseau) (st no engine for sale 1/08) wfu cx 1/14
F6023 F11 12/70 N111VT   (const VD Thompson C-75 engine) current [current 11/18]
F6030 F11   CF-SBL   cx pre 82
F6032 D11 ?/77 C-GJJW   (const J.Williams) cx 3/96
F6036 F11 9/72 CF-DFV   (const Dionne) cr cx 3/78
F6038 F11 ?/71 CF-ZVK   (const F.Gardiner) current
F6039 F11 1/76 CF-AKP   (const W Quirt) wfu 10/86 cx 10/88
F6052 F11 ?/72 CF-QGU   (const A.Yaremchuk ff 5/72) current
F6070 F11 11/00 C-GHUS   (full c/n 6598/6070 const RV Collins) current
F6095 F11 ?/75 N1408   (const JR Stephenson C-65 engine) current [current 11/18]
F6106 F11   CF-TSK   cx pre 82
F6119 F11   N9620 > TF-FAL   (C-85 engine) current
F6121 F11-3 9/00 N220EB   (const EL Banks, Subaru engine) sale reptd 10/09 cx by FAA 8/13
F6128 F11 ?/70 N1675   (c-85 engine) current [current 11/18]
F6130 F11 7/69 CF-WXZ   (const H.Hill) current
F6132 F11 9/97 C-GUTB   (const L.Campeau) current
F6152 F11 ?/68 VP-WCT Z-WCT (3/05) (ZU-TON) ZU-DSY   (stored Charles Prince 95-05 reb) (Lycoming O-290D) (ad for sale 3/17) current
F6175 F11 ?/75 N27121   (const Bailot) ("sale reported" 6/95) cx by FAA
F6180 F11-3   CF-LBF   cx pre 82
F6189 F11-3 ?/76 N76AV   (const Doolittle, C-85 engine) exp 4/18 cx 9/18
F6205 F11 8/73 CF-HGB   (const M.Day) current
F6215 F11 5/72 CF-GEW   wfu cx 10/79
F6233 F11   N707BW   (builder B Winters) cx 4/91
F6249 F11 ?/82 N65017   (const Mason) cr Creswell, Or 8/08
F6256 F11 7/75 C-GFII   (const L.Doyon) cr Moncton 7/19 still current
F6268 F11 /95 OK-YXJ   current
F6273 F11   C-GAVH   wfu 7/85 cx 7/91
F6277 F11 r 10/78 N49842   (const G Benier) res 10/78 not completed cx 11/10
F6288 F11   N67234   cx < 94
F6515 F11E 9/88 C-GFST   (const F.Kiss) current
F6589 F11 10/07 C-FPAO   (const H.Gebenus) current
F6665 F11 ? C-IMAR   (const B.Smit) cr Courtenay, BC 3/10 dest cx
F7002 F12 10/80 N722Z   (const GC Wilburn) cr 1/02 w/o cx
F7026 F12   N4438E   cx <84
F7029 F12 ?/68 CF-VYC   (const G.Bloxham) current
F7068 F12 11/77 N9905   (const TN Harrison) current
F7071 F12 /74 N61F   (O-290 engine) current
F7077 F12   N5700   cx <10
F7092 F12 4/91 N636LH   (const R Boyvey) exp 9/13 cx 5/15
F8014 F12 11/75 ZK-DBI (also AACA 102/1) (ff 11/75) current
F8019 F12 /74 N9293   (const Ries Franklin engine) current [current 11/18]
F8027 F12 /74 N30RP   (const Peck O-290 engine) (wfu 1/00 cx 9/12 rest 9/13) current [current 11/18]
F8031 F12-3 /79 N3HC   (const Christianson O-290 engine) current [current 11/18]
F8037 F12A   N411DP   cx < 4/08
F8038 F12 /74 N1397   (O-235 engine) wfu sale notified 12/91 cx 2/13
F8056 F12 4/76 N76YB   (const N Rosenau O-320 engine) current [current 11/18]
F8078 F12   N6078J   (const JR Duncan O-470 engine) ("sale reported" 3/06) cx by FAA
F8094 F12       (const N.Anderson, Leeds, AL, USA) incomplete for sale 12/09
F8117 F12 11/87 N50026   (const WJ Sjoberg) current [current 11/18]
F8129 F12 ?/76 C-GCTU   (const D.Stuber) current
F8243 F12 11/04 VH-PKQ   (const P King) (cx by CASA 7/06 rest 10/06) current
F8250 F12 11/00 N70ML   (const M Lassacher - Mazda 13B rotary engine) current [current 11/18]
F8265 F12A 10/02 G-CBWV (also PFA022-13904 4/02) (const A Ackland, Reading) not completed wfu cx 6/18
FRANK ROGERS, Bankstown, Australia
(see also D9, D18, D150 & DR1050 model listings)
Jodel D11
D11-1 D11 1/80 VH-FTY (also SAAA N-53) cr Caloundra, Qld 9/90 dest cx 12/90
D11-3 D11 11/68 VH-DRJ (10/07) VH-19-5269 (also SAAA N-11) current
D11-8 D11 7/72 VH-FVK (also SAAA W-11) current
D11-10 D11 6/71 VH-RCL (9/11) VH-19-7947 (also SAAA N-27 and "7630") current
D11-11 D11 9/72 VH-SIJ (also SAAA N-31) cx by CASA 7/06
D11-15 D11 12/70 VH-ESJ (also SAAA N-25) cx by CASA 7/06
D11-17 D11 5/72 ZK-CZM (also AACA 83) current
D11-19 D11 4/79 VH-DEA (also SAAA W-15) cx by CASA 7/06
D11-22 D11 6/74 VH-RDW (8/13) VH-19-7519 (also SAAA V-22) (cx by CASA 5/10 rest 8/13) current
D11-26 D11 /69 (ZK-DAE) (also AACA 93) not completed cx
D11-28 D11 3/86 VH-DII (2/07) VH-19-4974 (also SAAA V-77) current
D11-29 D11 2/75 VH-CKY (also SAAA W-21) cr Wedderburn, NSW cx 2/93
D11-30 D11 7/74 ZK-DBY (also AACA 105/1) current
D11-32 D11 6/73 ZK-DFM (also AACA 100) (ff 10/73) current
D11-35 D11 11/74 ZK-ECU (also AACA 46/2) current
D11-40 D11 3/79 ZK-LSH (also AACA 186) current
D11-46 D11 6/86 VH-FWS (5/03) VH-28-3892 (also SAAA N-120) current
D11-48 D11 12/75 ZK-EER (also AACA 232/2) current
D11-49 D11 12/73 ZK-DGV (also AACA 129) (ff 6/74) current
D11-51 D11 2/78 ZK-DJQ (also AACA 152) current
D11-53 D11 /77 VH-TZE (also SAAA N-60) not completed ntu
D11-59 D11 5/75 ZK-EDR (also AACA 301/1) (ff 4/75) cr Stratford 10/10 cx 12/10
D11-71 D11 8/93 ZK-ECF (also AACA ??) current
D11-73 D11 4/79 VH-TLZ (also SAAA V-41) cx 1/92 rest ?/? owner died wfu cx 11/99
D11-74 D11 12/77 ZK-DYB (also AACA 181/1) current
D11-78 D11 4/80 VH-UJO (also SAAA N-80) current
D11-82 D11 1/78 VH-WBL (also SAAA W49) current
D11-83 D11   VH-? (B.Wearing) incomplete
D11-84 D11 /74 (ZK-DYS) (7/81) ZK-ERT (also AACA 292) current
D11-87 D119 7/66 ZK-CKG   (hybrid with Falconar plans F5138) current
D11-91 D11 5/76 ZK-EEH (2/99) ZK-RNR (also AACA 305/1) Franklin 125 engine cx 6/96 rst 2/99 current
D11-93 D11 11/83 ZK-PAS (also AACA 374) current
D11-100 D11 3/81 VH-BMJ (also SAAA V-55) cr Koolangi, Vic 2/82 cx
D11-101 D11 9/77 ZK-EJP (also AACA 323/1) dest cx 2/98
D11-102 D11 4/82 ZK-RSB (also AACA 314) cx by CAA 6/04
D11-105 D11 10/81 ZK-MAU (also AACA 397) current
D11-119 D11 6/85 ZK-PJG (also AACA 294) current
D11-124 D11 3/79 VH-TLF (also SAAA V-47) current
D11-142 D11 2/82 ZK-JSC (also AACA 475) current
D11-155 D11 8/83 VH-JSP (3/03-11/05) VH-19-4491 (also SAAA N-107) current
D11-161 D11   G-? (L.Goldfinch, UK) not started (wing plans with dihedral flattened out eventually used for scale-replica Loening amphibian project).
D11-162 D11   N ? (W.Blanchard, USA) ??
Model: Sky Princess
(local three-seat D11 variant - wide-track u/c etc.)
04-S1 Sky P'cess   VH-? (also SAAA N ? S.Smith) incomplete
04-S2 Sky P'cess   VH-? (also SAAA Q ? J.Stacey) incomplete
04-S3 Sky P'cess   N?? ( M.Boiwka) incomplete
04-S4 Sky P'cess 11/98 VH-JDT (8/04) VH-19-3062 (also SAAA S-27 P.Twiss) (O-200 engine) current
04-S5 Sky P'cess   VH-? (also SAAA N ? R.Slater) incomplete
04- Sky P'cess 3/99 VH-EMH (also SAAA Q-222 R.Nemeth) current
007 Sky P'cess 4/03 VH-LMH (also SAAA ? M.Connell) current
Miscellaneous Jodel-derived designs
01 Terrade 9/77 F-PYBV   (Const A.Terrade) (hybrid reb of F-BHYD & F-BNHK) (st 78) current
JODEL-KNOEPFLI 119TK (Nosewheel)
04 Knoepfli D119TK 8/84 F-PYQY   (const L.Knoepfli) current
DURANTON DE-01 Junior (DR300 lookalike)
01 Duranton Junior 11/70 F-PSSQ   (const E.Duranton ff 9/70) current
D-01 Ibis 6/85 F-WZIK (8/85) F-PZIK   (const J Desjardins) current
01 DM-01 3/84 F-WZRK (8/84) F-PZRK   (const L.Miettaux) dest cx 3/96
01 DM-02 6/94 F-PDRA   (const L.Miettaux ff 5/94) current
ALBARDE Ruty (tandem 2-seat)
01 Ruty 12/84 F-WZRY (6/85) F-PZRY   (const R Barbette) current
01 DA-01 res 97 F-PMDA   (const AC Albert Baron) incomplete
01 D-103 5/10 F-PLOB   (const O.Bossard res 9/07) current
(const some standard D-11s, then the following to modified design)
01 DF-5 11/62 F-PKMV   (const Damoure & Fabre) Jodel D-11 wing CP-30 fuselage current
01 DFL-6 3/60 F-WJGQ (5/60) F-PJGQ   (const R.Damoure) current
2 DFL-6 5/68 F-PPPG   (const R.Fabre) current
3 DFL-6 res 92 F-PRIV   (const A Durand) incomplete current
CD01 D9   OO-20   (see D9 list)
CD02 D11 3/60 OO-VRV   current
CD03 D11A 1/63 OO-VIV   wfu 8/70
CHARLES OLLIVIER at Chaille les Marais (Each one different)
01 Collivier-01 6/89 F-PBCO   (1050M, O-320, retractable) current
01 Collivier-02 7/92 F-PCMG   (DR221?, O-320, t/w retractable) current
01 Collivier-03 10/95 F-PLCD   (O-320) n/w retractable current
01 Collivier-04 8/98 F-PAJN   (DR400 lookalike) 105 hp Potez n/w current
02 Collivier-04 4/11 F-PDBC   (to D Guionnet) st at Vendays incomplete
01 AJ-160 10/00 F-PLAJ   (const A.Jaillet ff 6/00) (Jodel wing own-design fuselage nosewheel 2-seat) current
01 RB-1 9/87 F-WJBY F-PJBY   (const R.Blenet) (D11 fuselage, straight wings) current
01 DV-219 4/88 F-WZPM (10/88) F-PZPM   (const G.Dopouridis & R.Valladeau) (Jodel wing own design fuselage tailwheel 2-seat) current
ARSA Club LGR-61
01 LGR-61 8/02 F-PLGR   (const R Levillain)(nosewheel 4-seater with rearward-sliding canopy, Jodel wing, rounded fin and three-bladed prop) current
VAL LOT JG-01 (AC Vallee du Lot)
01 Val Lot JG-01 4/00 F-PCQR   (conv from D112 c/n 1515 by AC Vallee du Lot) current
01 Croibier-Muscat CCM-01 1/93 F-PCCM   (const C Croibier-Muscat at Grenoble) (DR1050M with O-320 engine and 966 kg gross weight) current
01 Bonnavaud LB-01 8/99 F-PUCY   two-seat tricycle u/c Jodel wing current
01 Ferriere FF-02 5/79 F-PYFM   D11 fuselage straight wings wfu scr cx 3/00
01 Marty JM 150 8/11 F-PNSN   nosewheel D150 derivative - Jabiru 3300 engine current
01 DSL-160 11/06 F-PJNL   D150 derivative - const JN Lesavre current
PASOTTI in Italy
(Model JP1 Aviojeep, Walter Mikron engine = Jodel D118)
A01 118/JP1 Aviojeep 7/57 I-JUNA   cr 11/63
02 118/JP1 Aviojeep   I-PUPO   cx by 67
BERKLING in Argentina
1 D11 Misionero /57 LV-X18 LV-FRI   (current in 1972)
2 D11 Misionero ? LV-X19   (unknown)
JODEL-BEATTY in South Africa
1 BJ4 5/76 ZS-GFD   current
2 BJ4 12/75 ZS-GGS   current
VION at Rochfort St Agnan
01 DV-01 Zephyr 5/95 F-PDJV (3/08) ULM 67-?   retractable based on D-19 JPX4-T75 engine - development aircraft for D20) current
1585 D11-D1 3/03 F-PJVJ   (D119 nosewheel PSA 70kw diesel) current
877 DR100D 2/06 F-PVON   (DR100 nosewheel Citroen C8 diesel) current
01 DVD-01 4/00 F-PVDV   (const J.Vion - based on DR300 nosewheel with PSA 70kw diesel) current
(2) DVD-01        
(3) DVD-01        
04 DVD-01 res 03 F-PAIR   (const Air Campus, Troyes) incomplete
05 DVD-01 10/05 F-PDVL   (const A.Leclerc, diesel engine) (damaged and on rebuild in 7/17) current

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