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The Republic of Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, achieved independence in 1979.

It was assigned to use the VP-P British Pacific aircraft register but nothing was registered and T3- came into use in 1981.

Information collated from reports in Air Britain News. Cross checked with Joe Barr and posted in Jan 2013.

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Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
T3-ATA   5/81 Riley DH114 Heron 14108 ex VH-CLW/CR-GAT/G-ASFI/CA+001/G-5-15 (Riley conv 2/77)(op Air Tungarau) to DQ-FDY cx 12/84 (dbstorm 1/85 reb)(dbf Nadi 8/88 reb) still in service 3/96. To Bankstown by 11/97 donated to Museum. To museum Alice Springs 7/12 repainted as as VH-CLW
T3-ATB   6/81 B727-030C 19311 ex N703EV/PP-SRZ/N703EV/D-ABIO (op Air Tungaru) to N4936S 3/84 then N726EV scr Marana, Az 3/94
T3-ATC   3/82 CASA 212 236 (op Air Tungaru>7/96 Air Kiribati)(to be traded in for DHC6 c6/14 but n.t.u due to corrosion -stored) current
T3-ATD   3/83 BN2A III Trislander 391 ex DQ-FCC/G-BCJX op Air Kiribati wfu 5/94 scr
T3-ATE   3/83 BN2A III Trislander 1004 ex (N2965T)/DQ-FCE/G-BCNN op Air Kiribati wfu st c95? scr?
T3-ATF   3/83 C-U206G f/p 05574 ex DQ-FDJ/N5122X to VH-HBX cx ?/?? then DQ-TAN
T3-ATG 1 ntu PA23-250B Aztec 27-2475 ex N5400Y reservation ntu
T3-ATG 2 2/93 BN2A-27 Islander 611 ex ZK-FXY/N4391A/DQ-FHB/DQ-FFF/ZK-FXY/F-OCRB/G-AXZY (op Air Tungaru) to ZK-FXY cx 8/95 then DQ-FHB > H4-WPF
T3-ATH   9/94 BN2A-26 Islander 52 ex ZK-FWZ/F-OCMO (op Air Tungaru) to ZK-FWZ cx 6/95
T3-ATI   ?/97 Harbin Y-12 0077 (op Air Kiribati) current
T3-ATJ   6/01 CASA 212 356 ex N398FL/N104CA (op Air Kiribati) to N356WJ cx 11/13
T3-ATR   3/04 ATR-72 456 ex F-WQNE/F-OHJA/F-WWLN (op Air Kiribati) to HL5229 cx 7/05
T3-AKA   11/17 DHC8-106 388 ex C-FRXH/VH-QQL/N825EX/C-GHRI Air Kiribati current
T3-AKJ   8/13 DHC6-300 647 ex N360CM/TG-JCA/N300WH/VH-XFC/N205CA (owned Bank of Utah Trustee op Air Kiribati) current
T3-??   res c5/14 DHC6-300 831 ex N831WJ/5N-BLJ/VH-VHM/PK-LTY/B-3512/VR-BJP/C-GDNG (owned Bank of Utah Trustee op Air Kiribati - planned for dely c5/14 but not del due to corrosion on trade-in T3-ATC) instead sold 9/16 as C-GVKN
T3-JMR 1 3/09 BN2A-21 Islander 494 ex VH-SQS/G-BEGC/RP-C-2153 (op Coral Sun) to VH-WQA cx 4/11
T3-JMR 2 5/15 Be 200 Kingair BB-83 ex N283KA/RP-C711 (op Coral Sun from 3/15) current (to Tauranga for mtce 10/15 retd to Tarawa 4/16)
T3-VAL   5/91 B737-214 20158 ex N460AC/N4264Y/ZK-NAL/N985PS (op Air Tungaru) to N460AC 1/93
T3-VIN   5/09 BN2B-26 Islander 2154 ex VH-YIE/JA5281/N667J/G-BKEI (op Coral Sun) to H4-AAJ cx 4/11
T3-64Z   6/10 PA23-250F 27-8054025 ex N2364Z (op Jeff Jong/Coral Sun)(to Tauranga, NZ 4/13 for long mtce) to ZK-WDP cx 9/14 (retd to Kiribati 3/15 as ZK-WDP on lease to Coral Sun)
T3-??   10/17 CASA C-212 Aviocar 356 ex N356WJ/T3-ATJ/N398FL/N104CA Air Kiribati current (maybe reverted to T3-ATJ?)
N98WA   2/98 PA23-250C 27-3671 ex H4-WPA/YJ-RV10/H4-AAX/VH-EKT/N6446Y reported at Tarawa 7/13 reg expired cx 10/14
ZK-PIW   9/93 Pa23-250E 27-7305089 ex VH-RCI/N40274 (leased to Coral Sun from 4/13 maintenance cover for T3-64Z returned to NZ 3/15)
ZK-WDP   3/15 Pa23-250F 27-8054025 ex T3-64Z/N2364Z (leased to Coral Sun from 3/15) current

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