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The Republic of Palau was part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and achieved independence in 1994.

The Palau Aircraft Register prefix T8A- was first used in 1999.

Information collated from reports in Air Britain News. Posted in Jan 2013.

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Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
T8A-101 1 ?/99 Cessna U206F U20602273 ex N1903U to VH-AKX cx 12/00 then ZK-PMM > ZK-TFW
T8A-102 1 c?/01 PA32-300 32-7240083 ex N4509T to N4509T cx 6/06 (then cr dbf Saipan 8/06)
T8A-103 1 1/03 BN2A-26 Islander 2042 ex RP-C688 op Belau Air to VH-BWO cx 8/07
T8A-182P 1 7/09 Cessna 182P 18261001 ex N7361Q (orig amphib floatplane dgd 4/10 reb as landplane) ditched off Angaur 4/12 cx
T8A-201 1 2/04 R44 Clipper 0407 ex JA45YH to N46560 cx 5/05 then VH-DOH > VH-ROO
T8A-206 1 3/08 Bell OH58A-BF Kiowa 41860 ex N1512L/N1510L/72-21194 to N1512L cx 12/11 (based Vanuatu)
T8A-39S 1 ?/13 R66 0226 ex N7049S current
T8A- ??   10/10 Hughes 369HS 31-0307S ex N907HH/N9076F to N907HH cx 1/14
T8A- ??   10/10 Hughes 369HS 31-0309S ex N40482/CF-ZXD to N40482 cx 1/14
T8A- ??   10/10 Hughes 369HS 31-0801S ex N8315F to N8315F cx 1/14
T8A- ??   10/10 Hughes 369M 69-0053M ex N187SH/RP-C4907/N187SH/N2203W/HMR-403/XC-UPO to RP-C4907 cx
T8A- ??   11/15 EC120B 1252 ex VH-EGE/N443AE/N511AL
XU-718     A320-233 1595 lsd to Palau Asia Pacific Air from Sky Angkor in 2/19 (op Koror-Hong Kong/Macau)

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