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The Federated States of Micronesia, previously the Caroline Islands, was part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and achieved independence in 1986.

The FSM Aircraft Register with V6- prefix was first used in 1996.

Information collated from a trawl through a set of Air Britain News and recent reports via the internet. Posted Jan 2013.

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V6- register

Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
V6-CAA   ?/96 Beechcraft E18 BA-371 ex N753CW/N753CN/N753CW/N753C (op Caroline Pacific Air > (1/98) Caroline Islands Air) (st Bundaberg 10/97) to N753CW cx ?/97 then VH-CII
V6-CAB   ?/96 Beechcraft E18 BA-81 ex N3781B (op Caroline Pacific Air) to N3781B ?/98 then VH-CIJ
V6-SFM   ?/98 BN2A-27 Islander 2014 ex P2-KST/B-12201/N45858/YV-365CP/G-BEXD (op Caroline Islands Air) (dgd 9/99 reb) rereg V6-01FM cx 4/01
V6-01FM   4/01 BN2A-27 Islander 2014 ex V6-SFM/P2-KST/YV-365CP/B-12201/N45858/G-BEXD (op Caroline Islands Air) current
V6-02FM   3/02 Beech 65 LC-84 ex N349N/YV-824C/N349N/N51694/85-25349/N36S/N252D/N252DC/N846Q (op Caroline Islands Air) current
V6-03FM   3/02 BN2A-21 Islander 660 ex VH-AUN/P2-SWD/VH-OCH/A2-VIS/ZS-VIS/G-AYXL (op Caroline Islands Air) current

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