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The Republic of Marshall Islands was part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and achieved independence in 1986.

The RMI aircraft register first used the prefix MI- from 1981, but this was replaced by the ICAO official prefix V7- in 1992; existing aircraft were reregistered by simply changing the prefix.

The format of these registrations is unusual consisting of a two-digit year followed by a two-digit consecutive serial number.

Information collated from reports in Air Britain News. Posted Jan 2013.

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MI- and V7-<year><number>

Reg Issue Reg
Type Const
MI-GJV 1 7/82 HS748-2B 1768 ex G-BGJV (op Air Marshall Islands) to G-BGJV 12/82 then > CR834 > 4R-HVA shot down 4/95
MI-8201 1 5/81 GAF N24A 101FA ex VH-AUM to N855SC cx 4/89 stored ntu scr Sarasota cx 8/07
MI-8202 1 6/81 GAF N22B 106FA ex VH-IIS to N854SC 4/89 scr Sarasota cx 8/07
MI>V7-8203 1 12/82>1/92 HS748-2B 1796 ex MI-8203/G-BKIG/MI-8203 (to G-BKIG 10/82 rest 12/82) reregistered 1/92 (op Air Marshall Islands) to (ZS-OJU ntu)>4/99 ZS-OLE cr 4/02 scr
MI-8504 1 10/85 & 8/90 Do 228-101 7029 ex D-CASS (conv ex Do228-100)/ D-IASS lsd 10/85 cx 10/85 to D-CLEX lsd 8/90 rest as MI-8504 cx 12/90 to D-CBDK then D-CAMI > 9N-ACL cr 7/93
MI-8605 1 6/86 Do 228-201 8078 ex D-CFAN (op Air Marshall Islands) wfu 91 to D-CBMI lsd in India to D-CBDC > 5N-AEP wfu 3/08 scr 4/09
MI-8706 (ntu) 1 7/87 Short SD3-30 SH-3060 rex VH-KNN/G-BIFK/G-14-3060 reservation ntu to N58MM >G-BIFK > DQ-FIJ > PK-DSR
MI>V7-9206 2 12/91>4/92 Do 228-212 8194 ex MI-9206/D-CAHD/D-CBDA reregistered 4/92 op Air Marshall Islands wfu stored Majuro 2/08
MI>V7-9207 1 c2/92 Do 228-212 8201 ex MI-9207/D-CAHE/D-CBDD reregistered 4/92 op Air Marshall Islands wfu stored Majuro 2/08
V7-9508 1 6/95 Saab 2000 017 ex SE-017 (op Air Vanuatu) to F-GJIG cx ?/99 then LX-DBR>F-GOAJ>SE-017>N519JG
V7-9509 (ntu) 1 ?/95 Saab 2000 028 res ntu ex SE-028 (for Air Vanuatu) to F-GMVR > SE-KCF > EI-CPM >F-GNEI
V7-9909 (ntu) 2 ?/99 Do 328-130 3109 res ntu ex D-CDXV to C-FSCO cx 3/01
V7-0009 3 8/00 BN2A-8 Islander 65 ex C-FIAZ/N25DA/N16KA/N291EX (op Air Marshall Islands) to YJ-OO9 cx 1/03
V7-0210 1 12/02 DHC8-102 218 ex ZK-NEU/B-15207/C-GESR (op Air Marshall Islands) wfu & stored 2/08 rts 1/09 offered for sale/lease 12/14 current 1/17
V7-0811 1 1/09 Do 228-200 8040 ex VH-VJN/VH-VJB/5N-DOG/N233RP/D-IDBI (op Air Marshall Islands) to VH-VJN cx 10/10 (continued op for AMI)

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